Flow measurement allows to calculate the water volume that crosses a water surface in a given period of time (MARN Agreement 236-2006). With flow measurement, data is obtained in the moment and we can refer to average values at different times as daily, weekly, or monthly flow, as well as at different points such as rivers, streams, channels, and pipelines.

Our flow measurements cover:

  • Automatic flow meter that we place in-line with a pipeline, channel or discharge area that transports the fluid, this way, the flow is measured over time.
  • Volumetric flow is a punctual measurement performed on the fluid volume that crosses a surface in a given period of time.
  • Flow with vane is a measurement we perform in water currents with equipment design specifically for the task, to measure water depth and velocity.

In all cases, our technical personnel can give advice for it is important to have the proper site to perform flow measurement and sample collection.